"I thoroughly enjoyed the cookbook. The recipes are well presented, delicious, and leave no room for questions. The stories are funny and the hints and sidebars are helpful."
Lois James, West Kingston, Rhode Island

"Not only does Normand give us more of his incredible recipes with this cookbook, he also provides us with a glimpse of life in the restaurant business through his stories. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to entertain guests with elegant, yet easy to prepare, meals."
Liz Cummiskey, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

"What I like about this cookbook is the way each recipe is presented. Every recipe is clear, concise, and presented in a completely non-threatening way."
Lisa Desmarais, Union, Kentucky

"If you enjoyed Normand J. Leclair's first two cookbooks, Chicken Expressions and Seafood Expressions, you must have his latest, most ambitious book - Culinary Expressions. This more-than-generous serving of some 400 recipes, is garnished with humorous and insightful anecdotes about life in the restaurant and catering business. And as in his previous cookbooks, these recipes are for everyone-high-end kitchens, appliances and polished culinary skills are not prerequisites."
Rudi Hempe, Editor - Southern Rhode Island Newspapers


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